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The Vendor Data Requests functionality makes the process of setting up new Vendors incredibly easy.  All your required fields and documentation can be submitted by the Vendor electronically enabling you to simply review and approve.  To initiate the process, you simply need to enter a company name and email address into the Vendor Data Request record.  An email will be sent to that supplier requesting they complete your New Vendor Setup form.  The email will include a highly secure link to an online setup form that the new supplier can complete.  This form can contain any fields you would like to capture (mostly commonly the contact info, ACH/bank account info, tax numbers, etc.).  These forms can also enable the supplier to upload supporting documents such as their W9 form or a voided check.  When the form is completed by the supplier you will be notified of a Vendor Data Request pending your approval.  With a single click to approve the request, the Vendor record in NetSuite will be created automatically with all the data submitted by your Vendor.  Existing Vendor records can also be updated using this functionality — so if a Vendor moves and needs to update their contact information or would like to change their ACH/Bank information they can do so through this automated process.  You are able to delegate the initiation request to any of your NetSuite users — so if you have users/departments that frequently request new Vendors they can start the process, have their requested supplier complete all the required paperwork, and have it pending your review & approval.  Custom approval processes can also be added per your preference.