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Manage, organize, prioritize and analyze your inbound leads and sales cycles more effectively.

The Zone Lead Portal significantly improves how sales teams can manage, organize, and prioritize their inbound leads. Responses to campaigns kicked off by your Marketing team will be routed to the Lead Portal as individual tasks to be completed. The bundle includes a custom dashboard element that displays key information about the inbound lead with sorting, filtering, expand and collapse capability, as well as quick links to other related records including the full customer record or any open opportunities. Directly from the portal, users can easily perform a variety of actions on each of their leads as the follow-up efforts continue – such as automatically scheduling phone calls, creating opportunities, or logging information that has been gathered from their interactions with the lead. Behind the scenes, the Lead Portal creates a chain of activity, allowing you to track key metrics related to your marketing leads and sales cycle. These metrics include call counter statistics, how many touchpoints occurred before an opportunity was created, and how many days the lead was active.