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About Zone&Co.

Zone & Company provides NetSuite ERP/CRM sales, implementation, administration and customization services throughout the United States. The breadth and depth of our business backgrounds, plus our experience across multiple verticals (software, retail, manufacturing, e*commerce, services) and deep technical knowledge of NetSuite make us uniquely qualified to help you get the most out of your NetSuite installation.

How to get started with Zone&Co.

  • Contact Us

    STEP 1

    Reach out so that we can get to know each other and understand your business goals and initiatives.

  • Discovery

    STEP 2

    We'll do an assessment of your current setup, whether it's with NetSuite or not, and discuss your business processes, desired areas of improvement, and big picture milestones.

  • Demo & Proposal

    STEP 3

    Once we know your day to day processes and where you would like to be, we'll put together a demo and proposal for the projects you want us to get started on.

  • Consult & Build

    STEP 4

    We'll deep dive into your systems- configuring, creating solutions specific for your company's processes, migrating data, and improving efficiency.

  • Train

    STEP 5

    Our NetSuite experts will train your team members so that they are your company's new super users.