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Combine the details of multiple invoices into one summarized invoice for your customers to easily understand and pay.

Consolidated Invoicing is designed to assist companies who have multiple billing cycles throughout a defined period, with a desire for the Customer to only see one summary invoice for all activity during the term. Instead of presenting all the invoices to the Customer, the bundle allows you to consolidate all the invoices into a single consolidated invoice object to present to the Customer. The Customer can pay the consolidated invoice as they would a regular standalone invoice, however the features of the bundle enable the single customer payment to be automatically applied to all the underlying invoices that were associated with the consolidated invoice. The Consolidated Invoicing bundle also enables advanced grouping, sorting, a combination of charges, subtotaling, and other presentation functions based on simple Configuration. These configurations can be Customer-specific enabling each of your Customers to receive their invoices displayed in a manner they define. For example, some of your Customers may want the invoice details grouped by Cost Center, Purchase Order, Charge Type, Customer Location, etc.